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I began developing websites for other artists and creatives organically. An artist-illustrator friend asked me to develop her website. We worked together and built an HTML and CSS site from scratch. Another artist saw the first site and liked it so much, I was asked to build one for her, too. Which led to another project…

Like making art, writing good code is a creative act. Success in either case requires intimate familiarity with tools, depth of experience, and flexibility in creation. Technology applied where and when appropriate enhances the experience, not distracts from it. In crafting solutions, my websites show attention to detail, integrity, and personality unavailable through other means.

If you have a vision you would like to pursue with creativity and sensitivity, please contact me to explore your idea and learn how I can help.


Redesign for author and activist

  • Responsive Scrolling Layout
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Post Portfolio

New website development

  • Multi-page Responsive Theme
  • Custom Lightbox
  • Animations

Italian B&B Redesign

  • Collaboration with Italian Graphic Designer
  • Google Maps; Animation
  • Accomodation Portfolio

Full website design and code

  • CSS, HTML, and Javascript
  • Custom Lightbox
  • Translated existing site into a custom, responsive, WordPress theme


I’m an artist by temperament and training (MFA Ceramics, Alfred); I did my undergraduate work in Developmental Psychology and I’ve always been a bit of a computer nerd. Among other things, I was the founder and editor of Critical Ceramics, the very first online magazine (the word “blog” didn’t exist) of contemporary ceramics and criticism. Since then, I’ve been a studio artist, critic, artist in residence, IT director at two advertising agencies, web developer, artistic director for a gallery and residency program, college instructor, and a principal at a startup that created the first commercial ceramic 3D printing process for artists, designers, and architects.