Artist's Statement

History, the layering of actions, thoughts, and physical detritus over time, is a constant interest both in and out of my studio. More than what is known, it is the possibilities of the unknown that excites me. Who made this thing? To what end? Whose hands have touched it? Where will it go from here? Areas of inquiry like these, the pursuit of discovery with room for imagination, are at the heart of my work.

Eroding documents are tenuous links to our memories, imaginings, and the ideas of others. My books contain poetry, prose, and related images spanning many pages. I try to enhance my thoughts by the choice of materials and methods, the firing resulting in permanent artifacts, and the conditions of their existence - pages change over time. In combination, I hope they provide an entrance into personal wonder.

My work consists of many layers of translation, interpretation, retranslation, and reinterpretation, not unlike history itself. Meaning is buried under words of their own definitions. More than what lies on the page before me, the possibilities the unknown hidden under the next page and their chance of discovery prod me onward.

Forrest J. Snyder
December 2003

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