Like making art, writing good code is a creative act. Success in either case requires intimate familiarity with tools, depth of experience, and flexibility in creation. In crafting solutions, the hand coded website shows attention to detail, integrity, and personality unavailable through other means. Almost anyone can crank out websites using DreamWeaver and a dozen templates — it's like the difference between a hand-thrown mug given to you by a friend and the one bought at WalMart.

As much as I love and need to make art, I've always paid my bills through computer consulting. In fact, I've been programming personal computers since the Apple IIe. These days, I create websites and databases. I am intimately familiar with designing, programming, and implementing websites that feature dynamic bulletin boards, rotating banners, and shopping carts. Typically, these projects involve any combination of xhtml, JavaScript, CSS, Perl, PHP, and MySQL.

As geeky-cool as that may sound, technology should be applied where and when appropriate. Done with consideration, the rich content provided by sophisticated programming enhances the user experience, not distracts from it. For example, take a look at this fantastic QuicktimeVR panorama from Christo's "The Gates" here on this site.

If you've got a vision for website you'd like to pursue with creativity and sensitivity, send me an email to explore your idea and learn how I may be able to help.


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